In the current economic climate, there is not a single business that is immune to the increased financial pressures. As doctors we often focus way too much on “the practice” instead of the business. Even though patients is the most important part of your practice, without a business you won’t be there to help and serve them. The business side of it is something you need to take very seriously and there is one thing in particular that you can look at to start improving efficiency.

Computer systems have transformed medical practices. A lot of the manual labor involved with patient consultations can now be done of a central database and the need for elaborate filing systems is no longer necessary. In recent years, new types of software applications started coming out for medical practices to help streamline a lot of the manual tasks that doctors and support staff had to do – eating up a lot of valuable time that could be spend working with patients.

Practice management software can make all the difference to you and your staff. In many practices, scheduling appointments and following up with patients takes up all the time of a full time staff member. Making appointments, handling cancellations, phoning patients etc. are extremely time consuming and just dealing with the scheduling is a very specialized skill.

With appointment scheduling software its very different. Its so simple that even a 5 year old can schedule appointments for large practices. The best part is that the software is linked to your central database which means it can make reminder phone calls or text messages automatically. You can even set it so that your patients log into a website to make or cancel their own appointments.

Ask yourself what an extra member of staff can do elsewhere? How much can you save by not having a dedicated staff member just handle appointments?

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