I am sure that at one time or another you have been surfing the web and you have had a pop up come up telling you that your PC may be susceptible to both internal and external attacks or maybe on a site that offers you video’s to watch and you need to download and install a video codec to properly watch the video. Unfortunately, if you download and install either of those items you will likely not be getting anything beneficial. Instead you may end up with something called trust defender on your PC.

Trust Defender has several features that make it look and even act as if it’s a anti-spyware program. But beneath the surface there are other more underhanded things going on and you need to get rid of Trust Defender as quickly as possible.

First off, when you first install this malware and reboot your computer the program will start up right away and start scanning your PC for any malicious programs. Once the scan is finished you will be provided with the results. Unfortunately, if you were to take these results for their face value, you would find that your PC has been overrun with hundreds of harmful files that could possibly cause you problems.

While it may be intimidating, the truth is that every one of those entries is nothing more than a decoy, a fake file that was actually placed there when it installed on your PC so that when it scanned your computer, it would have mysterious and threatening looking files that it could list for you. The reality is that none of the malicious programs that it lists are for real and you need to get rid of Trust Defender before you get a real malware infection that it will not warn you about.

If you dismiss the information provided, you will start getting error messages as well as faked messages that are supposedly from your Windows operating system. They will look like they are coming right from Windows, but the truth is that they are actually coming from this malware. The messages often look like:

“Your PC is currently under attack by a PC virus. This particular virus has been known to steal personal information including credit card information, banking and other password information as well as other private information.”

“The only way to prevent this attack is to activate your copy of Trust Defender. Do you wish to activate?”

whatever you do you must not activate it or pay for it. It will not fix anything and your financial data will be at risk. You’ll also start experiencing problems surfing the web. You will find sites blocked or pop up warnings informing you that the site you want to visit has been compromised.

The easy solution to get rid of Trust Defender is to download and run a system and registry scanner. This will scan all of your computer for any running malware and get rid of it quickly.

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