Hotel Clerk is a person who basically checks the guests into the hotel and assigns them rooms. They usually register guests, answer inquiries pertaining to hotel services, prepare computer bills, keep record of room availability, collect payments and perform numerous other clerical operations.

An interview is an employment process in which an interviewer asks questions from a prospective candidate. Given below are some common interview questions that come up again and again during interviews for this post.

1. What job specific duties have you performed in your previous organization?
In my previous hotel I used to register arriving guests, assign rooms and check out the guests till their stay. I also kept records of room assignments and information of registration on computer. I use to report the problems of customers and correct them with help of house keeping or maintenance staff. I even prepared and explained charges and process payments when guests check out.

2. What are the qualities of a good hotel clerk?
A good hotel clerk must be hard working, service oriented, and able to communicate effectively with customers. They must be open to new ideas and react quickly to changing trends. People in this field need a good typing speed and excellent knowledge of MS Excel, PowerPoint, Access, internet, SQL and Oracle. Problem-solving skills and the ability to work independently and under pressure also are important traits required for this job.

3. Why do you want to peruse a career in hotel industry?
It is a little bit tricky question. The answer to this question can differ from person to person. It is a brilliant opportunity to explain the extensive process of research and education that you have undertaken. Tell them about your strengths and how you match up with the hotel industry.

4. How long have you been in your present profession?
This question is usually framed to know your experience. Tell honestly about your past experience. Do not exaggerate or inflate this figure because employers check your references to confirm your work history.

5. How much salary do you expect from this job?
Well, I am anxious in finding a job that is a suitable fit for me. I am sure whatever salary you are paying is consistent with the rest of the market. I think you have a good idea of what this position is worth to your company.

Well, these are some frequently asked questions when you are giving interview for the post of hotel clerk.

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