Modern healthcare industry in going through continuous changes every day. With changes and innovations cost of modern healthcare service is also increasing. That’s also causing increase in the number of patient identity fraud, theft & other issues. That’s why positive patient has become an important issue for the healthcare institutions.

Why positive patient identification is so important?

Positive patient identification is a mandatory for every healthcare facility to make sure safe and quality medical service to the patients. Recent statistic shows that about 17.3% of the US GDP spent on healthcare services according to the world health statistics. And it’s increasing every day. Now the bad part is, around 20% of these costs incurred by healthcare fraud & medical id theft.

Every year in the US about 1.5 million people becomes victim of medical id theft, which is almost like total population of Philadelphia. And after the ID theft they have to recover the ID that has its own cost as well. These incidents take place mainly due to outdated patient identification system & improper implementation of EHR system in the hospitals.

Medical emergency cases

Now let’s think about the complications raises in terms of treatment due to negative patient identification. It can lead to life or death situation from a simple treatment for a patient. Think about the wristbands hospital uses for patient identification, if somehow they get replaced or lost, it can cause financial, medical & time casualties all at once.

How biometric identification can help?

Think about patient identification with biometric technology. Biometrics is unique. So there is no chance of duplicates or frauds. Medical records are safe with it, to the patient himself. It can allow the hospital’s to save the cost of wristbands & many unnecessary administrative expenses. Biometric systems are correct 99% of the time & its cost-effective which can become highly effective for quick decision-making in emergency medical cases.

Privacy of records with biometric technology

Privacy in healthcare is a huge issue in these days, especially given the fact that most computer networks are vulnerable to attack or intrusion. The HIPAA act in the United States [Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act], and many such laws worldwide, guarantee a patient’s privacy. Biometrics is making it possible for patients and healthcare professionals both to feel secure that their information is being kept confidential and only being released to those who have the right to see it.

At the end

These days some of the healthcare institutions are realizing the need of using biometrics in their facility to make sure patient safety. It’s high time for healthcare sector authorities to understand the significance of right patient identification & patient data safety and create awareness within the society.

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